Angie Sargent - REALTOR®

The Luxury Agency

With a background in high-end construction, an eye for design and passion for people, Angie Sargent has a roster of delighted clients-turned-friends from every business venture she’s undertaken.  Angie’s penchant for providing exceptional customer service stems from her 25 year as a business owner in the cosmetology industry - where she built relationships with people in the very community that she both lives in, works in, and loves.  

Determined to expand her passion for quality craftsmanship and design with a community-centric opportunity, Angie began working with a local high-end home builder, and quickly found a new passion: aligning potential buyers with their perfect home.  She gained an industry-level professionals insight into construction and design and transitioned smoothly into Real Estate - working towards successful negotiations for both builders and buyers.  

Angie brings her cheerful, spirited nature and high-achieving track record to every transaction.  Her unique combination of exceptional professionalism and neighborly personality means that every client gets the benefit of both a top-level negotiator and a friendly, relatable guide. 

Whether you’re looking for someone with an eye for detail and insight into the process to walk you through the daunting process of new construction, or a savvy Realtor with first-hand insight into the community and a high-level understanding of transactions and negotiations, you’ll be lucky to have Angie as your guide.